The Infinite Bucket List

I was going to title this “my Bucket list,” but I’m going to be honest with you; almost everyday I think of another thing to add. It’s infinite – hands down.

For now I have the following below. I wrote it at my cabin in total silence with a glass of red (so you really know it’s from the heart). Anyways, enjoy mine and start yours today. I promise you, seeing your goals in front of you make it 100% more achievable than if it’s in the corner of your head all the time.

☐ Learn how to meditate in Indonesia

☐ Work/Volunteer at an Ashram in India

☐ Ride and Elephant in Cambodia

☐ Ride a Camel in Egypt

☐ Hold a Chimpanzee in the Congo or Cameroon

☐ See the Gorillas in Uganda

☐ Become Bilingual in French or Italian

☐ See the Northern Lights in the Arctic

☐ See Broadway Play in NYC

☐ Pretend to be a pirate in Croatia

☐ Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

☐ Write and Publish a book/Article

☐ Be featured in a magazine

☐ Ski the Alps

☐ Go to a Beer Stein in Munich

☐ Eat the one of the worlds best restaurants

☐ Float in the dead sea

☐ Fly First Class

☐ Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

☐ Go on a Jungle Trek in Ecuador

☐ Travel to 7 Continents

☐ Go to a music festival

   ✔ Experience an Australia Christmas

   ✔ See a Foreign Film in a Foreign country

☐ See Hobbiton in New Zealand

☐ Get Henna done in India

☐ Eat Gumbo in New Orleans

☐ Wear a sari in India

☐ Climb a glacier in New Zealand

☐ Drink Scotch in Scotland

☐ Find the Love of my Life

☐ Make my own wine

☐ Get a totally different haircut

☐ Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands

☐ Trek in Chile

☐ Spend Christmas in Europe

☐ Go to Carnival in Québec

    ✔ Try on Designer Shoes in the Fashion Quarter of Milan

    ✔ Eat Gelato on the Spanish Steps

    ✔ Learn how to make homemade Pasta

☐ Sail a sailboat by myself

☐ Sell some of my photos

☐ Be involved in the making of a documentary

☐ Make money off a blog

☐ Eat Sushi in japan

☐ Work my dream job

☐ Work my dream job on another continent

   ✔ Drink Kava in Fiji

   ✔ Karaoke in front of Strangers (Florence I thank you)

☐ Stay in an “over water” hut in Tahiti or Bora Bora

☐ Dance to Reggae music in Jamaica

☐ Volunteer Abroad on all Continents

☐ Ride a Donkey in Santorini

☐ Visit an Alpaca Farm in Peru

☐ Climb to Machu Picchu in Peru

☐ See the Tiki heads on Easter Island

☐ Learn how to Pour a Glass of Guinness in Dublin

☐ Go on a two-week canoe trip

   ✔ Experience Calgary During the Stampede

☐ Volunteer/teach English in a Monastery in Nepal

☐ Work on a Tea Plantation in India and/or Africa

☐ Live Abroad

☐ Conquer my fear and hold a snake

☐ See the Northern Lights in the Arctic

   ✔ Start a travel blog

☐ Eat at Gordon Ramsay in London, England

☐ Become Trilingual


Stay tuned for more…this list is infinite.


Anything on your bucket list you’re itching to do right now? Any things we share?



All ideas and shenanigans are property of ~

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  1. I’m curious, why an Australian Christmas?

    1. Charlotte says:

      Because it’s so different when compared to a traditional North American Christmas. Food, Traditions, etc! Definitely recommend spending the holidays in another country.

      1. Ok, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the difference (in which case South Africa, New Zealand or Brasil would have been just as different) or if it was smtg specific about Australia. As for me, I’ve spent the holidays in diverse spots but always in the southern hemisphere i.e in sunny weather, so perhaps a northern Christmas in due…

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