Flour, anyone?

The other day, I had the amazing experience to see how truly organic flour is produced in Sora.

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I left Rome for the Countryside…

As of this moment, I’m writing this blog, situated in the kitchen of the guesthouse I’m staying at. A rustic pizza oven’s to my right, a banged up playable guitar’s to my left and a beautiful dog at my side. Here, the door always stays open until dark as fresh air constantly blows in along with never ending birds song — I could live here (I know I say that a lot).

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Cinque Terre: Can I live here please?

Visiting the town of La Spezia, you can’t not visit Cinque Terre. Pronounced as “chink-eh tear-eh” (of course with an Italian accent), you find these beautiful villages built on enormous rock faces. Each of the 5 are located on the north west coast of the Italian Riviera. It’s shores touch the Mediterranean and trails lead you through this surreal, mystical world.

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Sorrento – Capri – Positano…I’m in heaven.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I saw all of the things I want in my “Pinterest” dream house today. From flower awnings, cast iron gates, ancient looking stone work and cats that roam sidewalks. Sorrento is this cute city on the water that offers easy access to two main day trip excursions: Isle of Capri and Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

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Why you should resist taking the metro in Rome

First and far most I am not protesting against the metro because I’m a “germ-freak”. Yes, the metro is nasty–there was someone smoking inside the building and people would spit in the corners— BUT like I said…those weren’t all the reasons I chose to walk today.

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Very first 3 hours in Rome – in a nutshell…


Today honestly felt as though I’ve lived the longest day. It was to a point I forgot what day it was. With all the connecting flights, trains, and endless walking; Rome welcomed me with open arms.

It’s difficult writing this blog entry because it still seems surreal I’m actually here. I just came back from walking for about an hour after my dinner. Forgive me if the wine starts talking or just general exhaustion kicks in….

So! Here it is…first 3 hours on Rome in a nutshell:

1) I think what makes Rome so “Rome” is definitely it’s ambiance. Rome has this cute, romantic feel to it. When you step out of Termini, all of a sudden – bam- you know you’re in Rome. All of the pizzarias, gelato stands, outdoor cafés, fountain, cathedrals etc. all play a major role in keeping this “known” feel.

Today I only walked around the area surrounding my hostel which is behind Termini Station. It’s a little quieter (I think) compared to other regions of the city.


2) Rome is delicious. It’s kind of a captain obvious observation but it had to been written about. Once I finally found my hostel, I settle in and decided to grab a bite to eat. Rome is so convenient when your hungry beside there are pizzerias literally on every block. I found this cute one behind the place in staying at. I ordered my pizza along with a glass of Pinot grigio. Now, I might add, their wine glass was -no joke- the size of my hand. My waiter filled it up at least 3/4 of the way. It was a fun walk back after dinner…I have never taken so many pictures!


3) Rome is confusing. I got lost a good 4 times finding my hostel (and this was before I had dinner — no wine affect). I walked past my hostel twice before I realized I was on the right street. From what I saw, most street signs are engraved on the walls of buildings (no one told me). Lesson learned…


4) Rome only makes me want a Vespa even more.


Seriously though, they are EVERYWHERE. I absolutely love it.


That’s how I saw Rome this afternoon — and that was only a small portion! More to come!


Charlotte xo

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Commence: This Blog-Thing of Mine

I’ve never blogged before, let alone written articles for people to read. Something about it has always terrified me. Though…fear not! I decided to start up this blog and become the hiatus hunnie I’ve always wanted to be. No more being scared! Continue reading “Commence: This Blog-Thing of Mine”

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