Hangin’ Loose in Maui

What’s better than getting right into the good stuff when you just arrived to paradise? Surfing was on the agenda for our first day. From Wailea, we drove about 30 minutes north/west towards Ukumehame Beach. The three of us signed up for a 2 hour surf lesson through Maui Surfer Girls. It was an incredible time. I actually learnt how to surf properly. The last time I surfed was in Tofino – which consisted of teaching myself (super frustrating at times). Dustin, our instructor, was amazing. She told us all the right things and fixed all the technical issues I had previously. Her patience was immaculate and I left her lesson feeling super confidant. I caught a wave on my third try – that’s pretty good teaching in my books. I remember her mentioning the feeling you get when you catch a really good wave – it’s addicting. Good thing Maui Surfer Girls offer rentals for 20 dollars a day!

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Carrot, Beet, Ginger Soup

What you Need

Makes ~5 Cups

 Carrots | 2 Cups Chopped (Approx. 3 medium sized carrots)

Beet | 1 Peeled and Diced

Onion | 1 Roughly Diced

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Yosemite National Park | The Mountains Were Calling…

In the words of John Muir: “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

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15 Tips for Winter Camping

1) Research Weather and Avalanche Conditions

Even if the forecast doesn’t call for avalanche warnings, if you’re planning on touring, snowshoeing or camping in a potential “at risk” area, be sure you book avalanche kits well in advance – especially if it’s a weekend. In peak season, sometimes MEC (or other outdoor stores) can run out last minute. You can also download smartphone apps that can track avalanche conditions. As bulky as beacons are – they can save a life!

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Cashew, Cranberry, Hemp Heart Bars

Song in Headphones: Genghis Khan (I took dance breaks while writing this)

If you find you’re in a rush some mornings, grab one of these on the way to work/school with an apple — you’re set till lunch! I sometimes eat one before a run to keep me going, and they are especially great for hiking. Have a try at these and also take a look at my other protein bar here!

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Keyhole Hotsprings, BC

Music in Headphones: Holocene 

The Keyhole Hotsprings are located about 40 or so km north of Pemberton. The trail itself is a nice 2km’s, but the logging road to get there is long and grueling. Potholes galore!

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2015: The Whirlwind Year

I was planning on writing this post back in December, but (noting this blog title) that month fleeew by. So! I’m writing it now. Here is a brief re-cap of my year. Enjoy!

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Garibaldi Provincial Park | Winter Camping on the Lake

Song in Headphones: Place to Be

For years, Garibaldi Lake has been on my hiking to-do list. In the summer, it draws many people near and far; I mean, why wouldn’t it. As soon as you complete your descend to the lake, the vast enclosed body of water takes you back. It’s massive, blue and incredibly intimidating – this was going to be the beginning of the best girls weekend getaway.

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Potato, Leek & Sage Soup

Song in Headphones: Such Great Heights

It’s the of start soup season in Vancouver. With all these rainy weekends, what’s better than making a good ol’soup?! The other day I was at the grocery store and walked past the produce section. It was there I noticed the “glorious” Leeks. All these years, I never thought to add them to any of my dishes. Needless to say, I walked out of the grocery store with a leek in hand and nothing more.

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Overnight at Wedgemount Lake

This past weekend I had the amazing chance to hike (what is now) my favourite hike in the Garibaldi region. Wedgemount Lake – geographically speaking – is situated in between Whistler and Pemberton. About a 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver, on a nice sunny day (like we had) made for a enjoyable drive along the sea to sky.

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