Maui’s Upcountry | Summits, Lavender & Goats

If you’re ever in Maui and are looking for something “off the beaten path,” why not look up from the beach you’re sitting at and stare towards the Haleakala Crater. Not only should you check out the top of it, but nestled below are other cool things to see. We actually made a half day out of it – definitely do-able. All you need in a vehicle!

Haleakala Summit

There are a lot of tours that allow you to see the sunrise at the top of this summit and bike ride all the way down to the bottom. Now, this involves you waking up at 2am and driving another 2 or so hours to the top. Worth it? Maybe. This time around, we thought we’d get up to the top after the big crowd rush had left (around 9:00am). I think the next time I return I’ll do the sunrise ride. I can only imagine how beautiful it’d be.


We left Wailea around 6:30am. And arrive to the top for 8:30. No one was there. I couldn’t believe it. Only another couple joined us. I don’t know if we lucked out, but it was pretty much blue skies up there (usually it gets all clouded over around 8:00).

It seriously felt like heaven up there…that or an imaginary planet. The soil up at the top looked like something you’d find on the moon or mars. There was plenty of fresh air. Not humid at all. I would suggest bringing a down jacket, wind breaker or thick sweater. I wore running leggings, my North Face down and Birkenstocks (of course, right?). Also…be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses. The UV is brutal up there because you’re so high up and that much closer to the sun.

Things to Note:

  1. It costs 15 dollars US to enter the park
  2. Bring warm layers and sun protection


Alii Kula Lavender Farm

After leaving Haleakala on a high, it was nice to wind down at our next stop: The Lavender Farm! Here, you have the choice to sign up for a guided tour or walk the garden’s yourself. Being our curious selves, we walked it. It was so beautiful and tranquil. Don’t get me started on the smells that you experience walking between the groves. Not only is there Lavender, but dozens of other tropical flowers that sit in between the fragrant shrubs. If you love flowers and photography, then don’t miss this place. There is also a great gift shop and cafe. There, you can order lavender scones and tea!



Surfing Goat Farm

This place is awesome. It only takes about 15 minutes to experience if you’re short on time. If you know me, I’m a sucker for goat cheese. Seriously though, it’s ridiculous.


I never got to the petting zoo, but I did get the opportunity to bond with a few little babies. I fed and chatting with a few. I pretty much told them how much I love the cheese they create.


After falling in love with the little creatures, I headed over to the shop where you can sample a few cheeses! I tried one blended with olive oil, one with mustard seed, a jalapeno one and finally one made with strawberries (hhmmgg).


There is so much more to Maui than the gorgeous beaches. Do yourself a favour and explore the upcountry. Take half a day and enjoy some hidden gems!

Aloha nui loa,

Charlotte xo

Have you visited any of these place in Maui? What did you think?

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