Snorkeling Around Molokini

So far, this has been the highlight of my trip (other than catching waves the day before!). I love being in the water. Being surrounded by beautiful colourful fish makes it even better. We went with the company Four Winds II. boat was an amazing catamaran that carried the 21 of us. I loved every minute of it. The excursion started at 1:00 and went until around 5. Part of the cost included a BBQ lunch! You could either have a beef, chicken or veggie burger. Also, did I mention the open bar! (hehe).


The boat was a triple decker! The main floor had the bar and some seats. Up top was where the captain was, and multiple seats to soak up some sun on. Underneath the main floor was the “glass floor viewing room.” This floor only opened up when we set anchor in the Molokini Crater.


As soon as we docked, lunch was served. We had a total of 90 minutes to eat and snorkel. It was perfect. As per usual, my stomach overruled all of my decision…so I ate! Once finished, I hit the water. As soon as I suited up, we hit the water. Literally, once I submerged, dozens of these black fish surrounded me. Un-frightened and calm, they floated around me as I slowly headed towards the reef.



There were so many beautiful fish at the reef, and don’t get me started on the incredible coral. An array of Butterfly Fish, Moorish Fish, Parrot Fish, Convict Tang and the famous Humuhumunukunukuapua`a moved in slow motion below me.


Once the hour and a half was up, it was time to set sail back to the mainland. It was a great ride back. The wind was with us and we were zooming back. The sun was beginning to set and the temperature was perfect. You’re probably wondering what else could of made this better. What about some whales!! It’s true, a mum and a calf humpback to be precise. Even the captain of the boat was surprised!


I had an amazing time snorkelling with Four Winds II. Be sure to check them out if you’re planning on heading to Maui and want a superb snorkelling experience. Oh! I forgot to mention – there is a SLIDE on the boat!!

Aloha nui loa,

Charlotte xo


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