2015: The Whirlwind Year

I was planning on writing this post back in December, but (noting this blog title) that month fleeew by. So! I’m writing it now. Here is a brief re-cap of my year. Enjoy!

Winter | January – March

Honestly, I was going through my pictures on my computer and I practically did nothing. I worked – a lot. Thus, I didn’t get out much. It’s that sad? One of my new years resolutions I made for 2016 was to stop over doing myself when it comes to my job. As a Casual, there were weeks where I’d be working 14 day weeks…not good. Things have definitely changed for the new year! Oh – wait, I bought my first car in March. There! I didn’t something interesting.

Spring | April – June

This was when the ball started rolling with “life balance.” In April, I split cold Canada and headed down south to Palm Springs. The previous time I was in Palm Springs I was 9 or something. You can say this trip was a little different. I was able to do a lot of hiking, swimming, tanning, shopping and drinking (ha!). It was a nice get away.

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In June, I went on a week canoe trip with a couple of my friends. We spent 8 days paddling around Murtle Lake. It was an absolute gem of a trip. I would go back there in a heartbeat.

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Summer | July – August

A few weeks after Murtle Lake, I finally got to experience the beauty of Joffre Lakes. Seriously though, they are something else.

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August was extremely hot in the Vancouver area. I’m talking record breaking temperatures in my books. Towards the end of the month I escaped to Tofino with a few friends and tried surfing for the first time. It was pretty awesome – definitely worth going back for.

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Fall/Beginning of Winter | September – December

If I were to choose a month that went by the quickest, it would have to be September. I still look back to that month and am blown away to how much I was able to cram into those 30 days.

I hiked Cheakamus Lake for the second time with a few of my co-workers. Despite the cold and rain, the trip was (as usual) completely worth it. That trip also confirmed my decision to purchase a Gore-Tex jacket.

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Literally the day after Cheakamus, I headed down to Portland, Oregon. I met up with my friend whom I met when travelling in Europe back in 2014. It was a fun trip indeed. Portland is incredibly unique and every 20-something should head down there to experience the city. I still have all my Portland photos to blog about. Don’t worry, they are on the back burner.

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Literally 24 hours after my return from Portland, I headed up north to Whistler to complete in the Mudderella Race with two of my girlfriends. Before this, I had never done anything like that. Tough Mudder 2016 anyone?

Around the beginning of October, I hiked to Wedgemount Lake with my close friend. It whipped our asses, but the views…nothing could have been more rewarding.

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In November, I said goodbye to my 1st ever hiking boots. Enough said. (Also: for your information, my feet aren’t that big…the camera blew them up, I swear).


I also hiked (well…snowshoed/scrambled) to Garibaldi Lake for the first time. Damn, it was nice. I can only imagine what it would be like in the summer. Tenting in the snow was cold. Oh god…but that’s why there is fireball, right?

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December was the 2nd most blurry month. I really know how to pack in the days (ugh). It started off with a two-night snowshoe to Elfin Lakes with a couple of my co-workers. That trip topped my two previous Elfin trips. Hands down.

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Of course Christmas fell in there somewhere…

And finally – what way to finish and bring in a new year. I headed up north to Sheridan Lake with a couple of friends and spent 4 days skiing, snowshoeing and being stereotypically Canadian – bliss!

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There you go. My year in a whirlwind. It went by way too quickly. A resolution of mine for 2016 is to”Stop and Smell the Roses.” I’ll let you know how it goes…

Keep exploring, stay wild!

Charlotte xo



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