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Song in Headphones: Never Come Down

I’ll have you know as pricy as this outfit may look, I’m proud to say that each article of clothing was under 20 dollars (except the shoes). Whaaat? Answer? Forever 21. This was the second look book of four lttltox and I did a few weekends ago (as mention in my previous blog post). Check it out!

Meandering around Richmond's Olympic Oval
Meandering around Richmond’s Olympic Oval

pink 4

pink 1

pink 2

pink 5
Ignore the MAJOR vein’s on my hand…it was super muggy and kinda warm (weird Vancouver weather…)

What I’m Wearing

Scarf | H&M

Shirt | Forever 21

Trousers | Forever 21

Shoes | Aldo

Watch | Fossil

Clutch | Forever 21

Sunnies | Target

Photos captured by the ever so talented lttltox. Check our her site and Instagram too!


Charlotte xo

What’s your thoughts on this look? How excited are you that spring has sprung!?

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