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This past weekend, I met with my dear friend and fellow blogger-in-crime, lttltox. We took on the day, outfits in hand, and cameras fully charged. We actually ended up each shooting four different outfits (this one was the first). It was great, we started off bumbling around Richmond to a few other locations, and finished off the night downtown in Gastown to get a couple of shots. This was the first shoot we did that day. It was in the morning; the lighting was good and took place at a cool skatepark – what better, eh? It was funny. All day we were mocking ourselves on how often we would say things such as: “dude, that lighting tho.” or “oh my god, the lighting’s perf.” For those who don’t know, lttltox and I are kinda lady bros. Seriously though, I don’t talk to anyone else like that. Do you have a friend like that?

Arriving to the park, we were pretty much the only ones there. Yes, we were the ones climbing over the concrete mounds like monkeys. Of course, soon came along the typical hard-core skateboarder who (I’m sure) wanted us out-of-the-way and to stop posing like idiots. Friends, this is what you sometimes have to do to pursue a hobby!

This day was a blast and the sun ended up shinning all day (which is great news for fellow vancouverites). We finished off the night around 10:00pm, exhausted and hungry… for what else – TACO’S!

Take a peek of these shots, and let me know what you think! You’ll find a list of what I’m wearing below the pictures. Stay tuned for the next couple of blog posts. The three other looks will be up soon. For the meantime, check out this and my other look books here!

This was before my freaked out face. That skater came out of NO WHERE.
This was before my “freaked out” face. That skater came out of NOWHERE.

skatepark 2

skatepark 1

skate park 3

skate park 6

What I’m Wearing

Converse | My Sisters…heuehue

Jeans | Plenty

Shirt | Francesca

Scarf | H&M

Watch | Fossil

Photos captured by the ever so talented lttltox. Check our her site and Instagram too!


Charlotte xo

What’s your thoughts on this look? Are you a fellow “chuck” fan?

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  1. Lovey ootd. Love your blog would be fab if you could check it out my latest post too xx

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