The List

The Infinite Bucket List

I was going to title this “my Bucket list,” but I’m going to be honest with you; almost everyday I think of another thing to add. It’s infinite – hands down.

For now I have the following below. I wrote it at my cabin in total silence with a glass of red (so you really know it’s from the heart). Anyways, enjoy mine and start yours today. I promise you, seeing your goals in front of you make it 100% more achievable than if it’s in the corner of your head all the time.

☐ Go on a Yoga/Meditation retreat

☐ Work/Volunteer in a 3rd world country

☐ Ride a Camel

☐ Become Bilingual in French or Italian

☐ Rock Climb in Europe

☐ Write and Publish a book/Article

☐ Be featured in a magazine

☐ Ski the Europe

☐ Bring out my inner Indiana Jones Fan Girl and See Petra in Jordan

☐ Go to a Beer Stein

☐ Eat the one of the worlds best restaurants

☐ Float in the dead sea

☐ Fly First Class

☐ Soak in a hotspring in Iceland

☐ Go on a Jungle Trek in Ecuador

☐ Go to a music festival

   ✔ Experience an Australia Christmas

   ✔ See a Foreign Film in a Foreign country

☐ See Hobbiton in New Zealand

☐ Eat Gumbo in New Orleans

☐ Climb a glacier in New Zealand

☐ Drink Scotch in Scotland

✔ Find the love of my life

☐ Make my own wine

☐ Brew my own beer

☐ Get a totally different haircut

☐ Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands

☐ Trek in Patagonia

☐ Spend Christmas in Europe

☐ Go to Carnival in Québec

    ✔ Try on Designer Shoes in the Fashion Quarter of Milan

    ✔ Eat Gelato on the Spanish Steps

    ✔ Learn how to make homemade Pasta

☐ Sail a sailboat by myself

    ✔ Sell my Art

☐ Be involved in the making of a documentary

☐ Eat Sushi in japan

    ✔ Work my dream job

☐ Work my dream job on another continent

   ✔ Drink Kava in Fiji

   ✔ Karaoke in front of Strangers (Florence I thank you)

☐ Stay in an “over water” hut in Tahiti or Bora Bora

☐ Dance to Reggae music in Jamaica

☐ Eat olives in Greece

☐ See the Tiki heads on Easter Island

☐ Learn how to Pour a Glass of Guinness in Dublin

☐ Go on a two-week canoe trip

    ✔ See the Calgary Stampede

☐ Stay in a Monastery in Nepal

☐ Live Abroad

☐ Conquer my fear and hold a snake

☐ See the Northern Lights in the Arctic

   ✔ Start a Blog

Stay tuned for more…this list is infinite.


Anything on your bucket list you’re itching to do right now? Any things we share?



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