Visiting Schilthorn: The name’s Bond…Charlotte Bond…

When you look at a map of Switzerland, the Swiss Alps sit nicely along the south end of the Country. So far during my time in Switzerland, I have spent majority of it around the northern section — near the Basel area. This morning we branched off and headed south! To Interlaken it was — with a quick stop to Schilthorn after!

Left to Right: Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.
Left to Right: Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

Whilst enjoying a lovely tea in Interlaken, I had this view. The tall mountains straight ahead are the three most known mountains of the Swiss Alps: Eiger (13026 ft far left), Mönch (13475 ft middle) and the one and only Jungfrau (13642 ft far right). Damn, what a view. I was mentally pinching myself every time I took a sip of my English breakfast tea — I am actually here right now. madness.

Tea and Interlaken
Tea and Interlaken

After drinking my tea and consuming a lovely fresh croissant, we headed for Schilthorn. Before I came to Switzerland, I had never even heard of this mountain. Turns out it’s a pretty ballin’ peak. A little background/numbers for you:

  • It reaches I height of 9748 ft
  • It takes 3 gondola transfers to make it to the top
  • It is known for its amazing 360 degree view of the Alps
  • It is also known for one of the famous scenes in the 1969 James Bond Film
  • Everything is 007 inspired

Seriously though, when you board each gondola, the James Bond theme song is played at the beginning before the safely information! I posted a video I made on my Instagram page. Check it out!

While on the gondola, look out and take in these ridiculous photogenic mountains. Jungfrau is right in your face saying “HALLO!”


I think one of my favorite parts was stepping out at the top and just taking in the biggest breath of the freshest air I’ve ever smelt. After getting off you have the option to either go inside to where the souvenir shop and restaurant is, or continue outside to get photos! Uhmm….outside!!

At the top of Schilthorn!
At the top of Schilthorn! You can see Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau in the background (left to right).

It was a bit breezy at first, but my Canadian skin eventually kicked in and the cold became a “normal winters day temperature in Vancouver.”

There are binoculars, benches and a life-size Jame Bond statue on the outdoor flat. So amazing!

The name's Bond...Charlotte Bond...
The name’s Bond…Charlotte Bond…

After taking numerous photos, we headed inside for lunch. I take it back when I said the fresh air was my favorite part. Have you ever had a burger with the 007 logo ironed on the bun!? I think not! It was so awesome. Also, the restaurant spun slowly so you got a 360 view while eating…I felt like I was in Disneyland.

Awe yea.
Awe yea.

You don’t need a whole day devoted to this mountain. If you are ever thinking of seeing the Alps, I recommend you spend some time in Interlaken to get the far away views, and then head up to Schilthorn to get the breathtaking view. To get up to the mountain is also half the price to Jungfrau.

Interlaken is actually an adorable city — tons of little shops, cafes and souvenirs. If you look up at the sky on a good day, you’ll see at least 15 para-gliders flying over the lakes. Give them a jealous wave, because admit it…paragliding through the Alps couldn’t sound anymore amazing.

Coming from the beautiful British Columbia, I saws the Alps as the “great-grandfather” of our rocky mountains. They seemed so much more older and wiser…yea that’s right, mountains can be wise.  It was a tough decision to decide which was more beautiful — so I didn’t.  You’ll have to let me know yourself!

Have you ever been to Switzerland? Have you visited the Alps?


Charlotte xo

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  1. Dana says:

    Interlaken is definitely on the list for adventure sports!!

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