I left Rome for the Countryside…

As of this moment, I’m writing this blog, situated in the kitchen of the guesthouse I’m staying at. A rustic pizza oven’s to my right, a banged up playable guitar’s to my left and a beautiful dog at my side. Here, the door always stays open until dark as fresh air constantly blows in along with never ending birds song — I could live here (I know I say that a lot).


Before I planned the majority of my trip, I had already decided a part of it would be spent “off the beaten path.”

Well, it’s safe to say I’ve found it. I’m staying at Via Piana situated in the town of Pescosolido…that is located just outside Sora. The town itself is about 2 hours from Rome and 2 hours from Naples, and it’s nicely nestled at the base of Abruzzi National Park.


Walking around the property you see nothing but valley and tiny houses randomly placed at the base. The mountains look closer than you think. The vegetation is out of this world. Temperatures here are quite good during the year so grapes, olives and fruit tree groves surround you. Being so close to the mountains makes hiking convenient, and exploring infinite.


Why are you doing this Charlotte? What about all the churches and museums in Rome you haven’t explored yet?! The truth: I needed a break. I was sick of the number of tourists that were hogging the sidewalks, forming huge ass lines everywhere and desperate street people tying to sell me stupid toys that make the most annoying sound. Quite frankly, I also needed a break from eating out all the time (my wallet!) I love you dearly Rome, but your crowds…

Anyways, back on route. My journey to the countryside was long and epic..creepy at times, but I made it in the end. I won’t bore you with every detail, but you must know how I got to this wonderful place so you can too one day.

I caught the metro from Rome to the station Anagnina. From there I waited at the bus stop for a good hour and a half. During that hour and a half I happened to get hit on by a middle aged Italian man in a blue sweatsuit and tinted glasses. He called me Beautiful Bella and gave me the “kiss face” — uh help? Long story short, he was on a different bus than I (thank Jesus). When I reached Sora it was the last stop — which was good because I had no sense of direction in this particular area. I got off and walked into a local bar where I was suppose to meet. The man who owned it looked at me and said “I know who you are” – da f*ck? I laughed though. He knew the lady who was coming to pick me up. He offered me pizza and a pop for €2.50. I stayed for about 10 minutes munching on my cheap snack while his family bickered to each other obnoxiously. My guesthouse host eventually picked me up…and well, now I’m here.

My first impressions of Via Piana:

1) Secluded

It turns out I am the only guest staying here at the moment. At first my impression was “ohh…” but now that I have been here for a day, it’s been a nice adjustment…just being with myself. I thinks it’s healthy to enjoy your own company and simply be.


My room below!


There are no sirens in the distance, and the odd car may pass you. You won’t believe it but I’ve already made 3 new friends – dogs to be exact! I’ve been taking the dog who belongs to the host for walks.


Neve and I! (means snow in Italian, belongs to the house!)


More hounds in da hood


Security here is a blessing. I don’t have to worry about who the next pick-pocket will be.

English is spoken quite rarely, except for my lovely host. It’s nice to walk the streets to hear little old Italian ladies say “buongiorno” to you. Though, once you say “buongiorno” back they think you’re fluent. So now – you poor soul – are standing there like a complete idiot trying to comprehend her fast Italian and all you can do it nod, laugh, and say “si!” (This is really me were talking about). I’ve gotta study more…

This was the lady who struck up conversation with me. She is about 4 feet tall and was walking with a stick.


2) I’m living in a movie

You walk around the house to only hear birds singing, the rooster cackling and last nights leftover rain dripping from awnings. For those who have seen the meadow scene in “Pride and Prejudice,” when Elizabeth Bennett is walking in the field at dawn? Yea, I feel like her most of the time now…Mr. Darcy, is that you?


Another flick I’ve been living in is “The Holiday.” Having this place all to myself brought out my inner Cameron Diaz. You know when she stays at that small cottage in the outskirts of London? Dats me, yo — Italian style. Now…where is my Jude Law, please?


3) Absolute freedom and independence

One thing I’m looking forward to over the next two-ish weeks is gaining a greater independence – apart from just backpacking. I love having a kitchen all to myself, wood stove, and a small grocery store up the road. I can invent my own things and simply be care-free for a while.




Those are only three of the many impressions I’ve experience so far during my stay at Via Piana. More stories to come, so stay posted!

Hope you day is as wonderful as this horses!


Ciao for now,

Charlotte xo

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  1. Vanessa Wong says:

    Gahhh I’m so jealous~! I think it’s good you’re taking a break from the crowds and the hectic atmosphere of Rome!

    The countryside seems really nice~!

    *next time I’ma hide in your suitcase so I can visit Europe too~~*

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