Sorrento – Capri – Positano…I’m in heaven.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I saw all of the things I want in my “Pinterest” dream house today. From flower awnings, cast iron gates, ancient looking stone work and cats that roam sidewalks. Sorrento is this cute city on the water that offers easy access to two main day trip excursions: Isle of Capri and Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Sorrento, and the Amalfi coast are famous for their lemons…and of course their lemoncello. Lemoncello is a drink people consume after eating to help with digestion and such. It’s super common and you can buy it at literally every corner store. I remember the first time I had it in Rome, I thought it was just a type of lemonade, so I drank it like it was—HA! That was the moment I realized it wasn’t, but contained 30% alcohol. (Made sense, since it’s served In a shot glass…durrr!)

Nonetheless, lemon trees are in the backyards, and balconies of the people of sorrento.

Isle of Capri

This morning we started early and caught the ferry to Capri. It is this magical place when super rich people like to live (like Mariah Carey — I saw her house! Check Instagram!). It is also the place that has the ambiance of a “care-free” lifestyle. There are lots of paths and no major roads, just little ones that can fit smart cars, fiats, vespas, and the smallest buses you’ve ever seen.


Capri is also famous for their blue grottos. We went on a boat tour around half of the island to check out all the little and huuuge caves of the island. In general, the rock formation of Capri blows your mind just as much as the grottos them self.


Seeing the blue grottos reminded me of “the little mermaid.” Maybe she was Italian and we didn’t know it?


I few of us wore out bathing suits thinking it was warm enough to swim…HA! The water was freezing despite the crazy winds. Though, I just had to put my feet in.


As I’ve already mention, Capri is for the rich. What we also don’t realize is that it is also famous for their purfumery.


From what I’ve seen, Italy has a ton of stray cats everywhere! It makes the ambiance a bit more “Omg I’m in Italy!” This cat was sleeping in the sun outside the purfumery.



I finally got my Amalfi Coast fix. Majority of little towns on the Amalfi coast are build on a rock face- that’s what makes them so beautiful and unique.


The thing about these coasts, is in order to get the 100 dollar shot, you need to make it to the top. I’m telling you now, between climbing Capri and now this, I gained a shit ton of elevation today – by foot. What made the trek harder was the fact I had cut my toe badly on Capri…that’ll be another blog post soon…

We got to Positano in the late afternoon, so the sun was beginning to set.


After about taking 10,000 photos of the exact same beautiful view , we jumped on a bus back to sorrento.

I swear to god, any bus driver who drives those roads down the Amalfi has pure skills. Not only are they super windy, but incredibly narrow. Honestly, the only thing dividing you from an imminent death off the cliff is a dinky stone fence.


With all of the effort put in today, came great memories and pictures….and a great night sleep!


Charlotte xo

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  1. Donna says:

    Feel like I am there with you (wish I was). Safe travels.

    1. Thank you, Donna! Trying to get as much writing in as I can! :)

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