Why you should resist taking the metro in Rome

First and far most I am not protesting against the metro because I’m a “germ-freak”. Yes, the metro is nasty–there was someone smoking inside the building and people would spit in the corners— BUT like I said…those weren’t all the reasons I chose to walk today.

According to my feet, I walked about 1000 kilometres. Nah, it sure feels like it though relaxing on the couch I am currently sitting on.

As I looked at my map this morning after breaky, I was (at the time) considering the metro to get around today- especially to the forum which is on the other side of Rome from my hostel. I knew there would be a lot of walking involved if I chose to not take the tube. Though, as I looked between major sights pin pointed on my map, I noticed all the other parts of Rome I would be passing if I were to take the metro. There were all these little roads and shortcuts I had the option to take – so much potential for artsy window and door pictures! (If you have seen my Instagram lately you’d understand why).

I starting my trek around 0930. I took the route were it walked past S.Maria Maggiore. I could hear the bells from a distance so I ventured onward towards the square. When I got there, a little heard of people were surrounding the doors holding branches up (my first thought: what the?)


When all of a sudden- priest! He came out and did a little speech, splashed some holy water – I believe – onto the people and went back inside.


I found out what the branches were by asking an old Italian man near by who was selling them. He had missing teeth and could hardly speak English. I go on and say “mi scusi… parla inglese?” He didn’t say much but when I pointed to the branches he said “olive” …OHHH?! The olive branch symbols peace in the catholic religion.


Onwards, I wandered through little streets wishing I owned a tiny apartment. I so want to be that lady watering her plants dangling off her concrete balcony…


Another reason to walk is you can actually stop to smell the roses– literally. (Travelocity reference anyone?) I wandering through Colle Oppio which is a gated garden place.


I think the greatest moment today was walking out of the garden to see the colosseum right in front of my face. I wasn’t reading the map correctly so It was completely unexpected.


You see, if I had taken the metro from termini station directly to colosseo station, I would have missed all of these unique experiences. Today was definitely about the journey–the destination was just as amazing, but seeing everything on my way was much more memorable.

This was how I spent my Sunday morning. I hope yours was just as amazing!


Charlotte xo

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