Today honestly felt as though I’ve lived the longest day. It was to a point I forgot what day it was. With all the connecting flights, trains, and endless walking; Rome welcomed me with open arms.

It’s difficult writing this blog entry because it still seems surreal I’m actually here. I just came back from walking for about an hour after my dinner. Forgive me if the wine starts talking or just general exhaustion kicks in….

So! Here it is…first 3 hours on Rome in a nutshell:

1) I think what makes Rome so “Rome” is definitely it’s ambiance. Rome has this cute, romantic feel to it. When you step out of Termini, all of a sudden – bam- you know you’re in Rome. All of the pizzarias, gelato stands, outdoor cafés, fountain, cathedrals etc. all play a major role in keeping this “known” feel.

Today I only walked around the area surrounding my hostel which is behind Termini Station. It’s a little quieter (I think) compared to other regions of the city.


2) Rome is delicious. It’s kind of a captain obvious observation but it had to been written about. Once I finally found my hostel, I settle in and decided to grab a bite to eat. Rome is so convenient when your hungry beside there are pizzerias literally on every block. I found this cute one behind the place in staying at. I ordered my pizza along with a glass of Pinot grigio. Now, I might add, their wine glass was -no joke- the size of my hand. My waiter filled it up at least 3/4 of the way. It was a fun walk back after dinner…I have never taken so many pictures!


3) Rome is confusing. I got lost a good 4 times finding my hostel (and this was before I had dinner — no wine affect). I walked past my hostel twice before I realized I was on the right street. From what I saw, most street signs are engraved on the walls of buildings (no one told me). Lesson learned…


4) Rome only makes me want a Vespa even more.


Seriously though, they are EVERYWHERE. I absolutely love it.


That’s how I saw Rome this afternoon — and that was only a small portion! More to come!


Charlotte xo

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Hi, I'm Charlotte! A twenty-something Canadian, currently situated in the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. When I'm not working my day-to-day job, I'm doing everything else I'm passionate for: writing, travelling, and cooking (which includes eating of course).

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