Commence: This Blog-Thing of Mine

I’ve never blogged before, let alone written articles for people to read. Something about it has always terrified me. Though…fear not! I decided to start up this blog and become the hiatus hunnie I’ve always wanted to be. No more being scared!


Thinking about it now, when I had travelled in the past I would usually bring along a dinky 2 dollar journal to document things, but I would end up losing it in junk drawers and memory boxes.

I love telling stories, and sharing my adventures amongst others – to those who have travelled and those who have not. I’m passionate about teaching, and spreading knowledge to others. I don’t believe those who say you only have one purpose to pursue in life. If that was me, I must have 10 other lives to live. Educating others is one out of many of my purposes, which I intend to do so through this blog.

So, my friends, bare with me while I go on this crazy journey trying to figure my way of things — both this blog and the world.

Be kind to one another,

Charlotte xo

What's Your Thoughts?

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