Buddha Dressing

If you ask anyone who’s eaten lunch around me this past year, they will tell you I have this dressing on my salads at least 4 days a week. It’s the perfect combination of savoury flavours and works well with all sorts of salad fixings. It literally takes 13 seconds to put together (I timed it). I like to add apples and dried cranberries into my salads with this dressing as the tartness go really well with the saltiness of the nutritional yeast! Nuts (I use pecans) and pepitas add protein and a good crunch as well. Oh- and of course avocado (because I put that shit on everything).

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24 Hours on the Juan de Fuca Trail

Mentioned in my previous post, I am situated here on Vancouver Island for the summer. Before I started my Clinical rotation, my friend and I decided to head west and get a little taste of the Juan de Fuca Trail. Due to time restraints, we could only afford the minuscule 24 hours at this place.

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A Year Later: Where on earth have I been?

Hello world,

It is I, Charlotte, back in the blogging world. I apologize for not writing at all this past year. I have been keeping quite busy with school!

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6 Days Trekking in Assiniboine

I have done a lot of hikes in my life so far, but this one in particular blew it out of the ball park for me. Assiniboine Provincial Park is situated nice and snug on the British Columbia and Alberta border. The route we took started us in Banff National Park, then we entered into Assiniboine and finished off in the Kananaskis Country. These 6 days were some of the most life changing ones I’ve lived. There is a lot to say for living in the wild for a week let alone off a backpack holding everything you need to keep you alive. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but when it’s just you, your pack and your fellow co-hikers; you learn a lot about yourself and grow an immense appreciation for the little things.

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10 Tips to Eat Right in the Backcountry

One of the FAQ’s that I’m often asked is what I eat when I back country camp. Well, a lot of the food I eat depends on three things: Will it fuel me? Can I cook it out of 1 pot? and is it light? Most people think it’s hard enough to cook a meal with three pots. Well, you’d be surprised just how simple it is to keep up the good eats when you’re deep in the woods.

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Mt. Robson Provincial Park | Berg Lake Trail

I came home last week from two amazing, life changing weeks. I spent them deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Hiking to Berg Lake was one of two treks we did.

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Omega-licious Granola

This yummy mix of goodness is loaded with omega-rich ingredients! I also like to call this my “low-‘nola” because it’s low on the sugar side. Instead of using regular oil or butter, I’ve chosen to use coconut oil instead. After a few trials, I’ve come to realize the coconut oil actually makes it more crunchy and delicious! I love add this granola to a bowl of kefir, greek yogurt, fruit or ice cream! I even add it to trail mix sometimes.

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The Waihe’e Ridge Trail

Distance: 8 km (5 miles)

Elevation Gain: 476 m (1,560 ft)

Time: 3-3.5 Hours (roundtrip)

Before I left for Maui, I spent a lot of time figuring out which day hike I wanted to do. What’s great about Maui is that the list is endless. Whether you decide to explore the east coast (Hana) or the West; you’re going to be situated in superb beauty.

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Maui’s Upcountry | Summits, Lavender & Goats

If you’re ever in Maui and are looking for something “off the beaten path,” why not look up from the beach you’re sitting at and stare towards the Haleakala Crater. Not only should you check out the top of it, but nestled below are other cool things to see. We actually made a half day out of it – definitely do-able. All you need in a vehicle!

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Snorkeling Around Molokini

So far, this has been the highlight of my trip (other than catching waves the day before!). I love being in the water. Being surrounded by beautiful colourful fish makes it even better. We went with the company Four Winds II. boat was an amazing catamaran that carried the 21 of us. I loved every minute of it. The excursion started at 1:00 and went until around 5. Part of the cost included a BBQ lunch! You could either have a beef, chicken or veggie burger. Also, did I mention the open bar! (hehe).

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